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White Mountains, NH

View from Bear Notch Road

I finally went back to the White Mountains- unfortunately only for a day.

But still, it was a full day. Andy and I went to started on the left side of the loop, and traveled through Franconia, through Crawford Notch, to Bartlett, up Pinkham Notch and back, through Bear Notch Rd. and then down through Conway. We stopped at quite a few scenic areas like the Basin, where the Old Man of the Mountain used to be, Willey Pond, and Glen Ellis Falls. My favorite shot from the day is the only HDR shot I took, of the Basin around 9 am. We were lucky for there to be almost no one there on a holiday weekend.

The Basin, Franconia Notch

The White Mountains are definitely one of my favorite places in the world; I'd live there if I could.

Glen Ellis Falls, Pinkham Notch

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