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Catching Up

I know I haven't been active at all lately; I just finished the second to last semester for my undergraduate degree! Though it hasn't in one bit been easy. Now I'm off for the holidays, and getting ready for the final stretch.

So what have I been up to? Well, my ArtisanState book came in- I love it!! Hopefully I will be making more to coincide with my travel and maybe even portrait photos! I'll definitely be making these available for clients to add to their package- they are simply beautiful! They are lay-flat, luster flush-mount, library-bound, and don't bend or stain. I can even make them with genuine leather, linen or leatherette styles with laser-cut photo windows. I'll be using this company for a long time to come.

I also purchased a new lens! Here it is: the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8. I can't wait to use it for nature shots. It isn't the coveted Nikon version, but this will do!

In other news, I'm also planning a two week trip to Iceland & Norway! Right now, plans are to stop over in Reykjavik for 4 days, and drive around the Golden Circle, do the Blue Lagoon and see Vik. Then, a flight to Oslo, stay there for about a day and then catch a flight to Harstad, where we'll rent a car and drive through the Lofoten Islands. We'll catch another flight, but to Bergen to see the Western Fjords. We'll do some hiking if it's possible, but with the heavy snow still in the highlands we might not be able to. And, we probably won't get to see the northern lights since we will be dealing with almost 24 hour sunlight! Regardless, we will be backpacking with our tents and sleeping bags so we couldn't be closer to nature and I couldn't be more excited about it. I cannot wait!

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