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Green Mountain College @Killington

I know I'm behind on this one, but I've been so busy between getting back on track for my senior year, working, and other things. Anyways -

Last weekend I finally got to visit my brother's college. Our family made the drive up to Vermont to get him all moved in, and I'm glad I did. We had an extensive, yet not-so-extensive 5-hour "campus" tour of the area. Jake is in the Resort & Hospitality Management Program at Green Mountain College, which is a specialized, 3-year, Co-op and Bachelors of Science Program which is situated on the base of Mount Killington. The program is actually an established partnership with Killington Ski Resort, so all of the students' instruction, activities, and work are run through them. It's actually pretty cool- all finance classes use real figures and information from Killington's books; the marketing courses draw from Killington's marketing campaigns, and customer service courses really put you into customer service. It's all practical and applied.

I'd say if you plan on going into tourism (which is a great career choice) that is a pretty sweet deal. Oh, and we'll be having Christmas up in Vermont this year, since Jake will be working as a full time employee during the winter season on the mountain. Guess I'll need to learn to ski or snowboard better and take advantage of those awesome employee discounts.

It definitely is a beautiful place to go to school- right in the mountains. I'm a little bit jealous.

Congrats Jake on making it to college!

Summit of Mt. Killington, VT