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Salem Cross Inn

I went to the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield this past Saturday with my family to celebrate the holidays, and each other. I had lots of good food, and a wonderful time.

The Salem Cross Inn is a restored 18th century farmhouse on 600 acres of New England countryside. The house, turned restaurant and tavern, offers seasonal menus with traditional American fare. The "Fireplace Feast," which we attended, is an event where the innkeepers prepare your entire meal in front of you, and with your help if you so desire. They made fresh New England clam chowder in a cauldron, roasted prime rib over an open hearth fire in traditional colonial style, fresh baked apple pie with homemade whipped cream, and offered us mulled wine, cider, and a horse-drawn sleigh ride. The food was really good, and we're hoping to revisit for other events.

It was really great to spend this time with my family, who are rarely all together at one time. I hope we can all continue to spend time like this together in the future. Calling all cousins :)


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