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Winter is Here

Yes- Winter has finally arrived. It's felt as though it's been pretty mild, until three snow storms hit New England, all at the same time. I think the estimates are 40-45" of snowfall for 2015, with more on the way! I'm not too much of a fan, I actually miss my 40-minute commutes to school. Lately it's been 1.5-2 hours each way. But congratulations to the Patriots- wish I could have made it to the parade. I'll definitely make it next time ;)

In other news, I'm happy to say I will be spending spring break in sunny California! Andy & I will be flying into L.A., spending a few days with his brother; hopefully tour W.B. again and spend some time on the Santa Monica pier- then off to the Malibu coast to stay on Port Hueneme. We'll have a rental car so I'm sure we'll make the most of our trip! Here are a couple from when we visited Santa Barbara in 2011! Think Spring!


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