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California: Day 4

Driving along the PCH.

Driving along the PCH.

We spent all day driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, which I guess was closed for a long time due to the wildfires a few years ago. Some day I will take a road trip across the entire length of it, but until then, the stretch across Malibu will have to do. The road is just littered with shiny luxury sports cars, and beach bum buses. The water is so blue, and no matter the weather you can find surfers there. I think Zuma beach had some sort of surfing competition going on at the time we were there; there is always something going on. We rode through Deer Creek Rd and all of Corral Canyon- some of the most winding roads I've ever seen. It was a little scary with Andy driving, but so worth the views! Later we headed down to the Santa Monica Pier, unfortunately for most of it to be closed; still- it was nice to people watch - and what a beautiful sunset after a few cloudy days!

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