Allie Richards Photography


Caroline & Brian

Fall is the best time for photographs - no doubt about it. Caroline and Brian got engaged about one month ago, and wanted to capture the excitement while there was still color in the leaves. Engagement shoots can be stilted and over-posed, or be silly - this couple was definitely silly. Especially Brian - who just could not stop laughing! 

They chose Elm Bank in Natick (where I conveniently already was just before this shoot) which frequently hosts wedding parties in their well-manicured gardens. This location really does have everything - a beautiful mansion and large fountain, wrought-iron gates, wooden structures, woods and a stone arch bridge. We actually stumbled upon a wedding party/rehearsal while we were there late in the afternoon, and part our session was complemented by what sounded like a Jewish wedding reception soundtrack. It made for some good laughs.

What a gorgeous couple! My favorites might have to be the bride-to-be popping her foot. 

Congratulations Caroline and Brian!