Allie Richards Photography



This past weekend I took Mikayla's senior portraits - and wow what a session! She was joined by her mother and cousin Kerri and all four of us traipsed around the Elm Bank Gardens in Natick (a new favorite location!). I also got to try out my brand new portrait lens - which will now easily replace all other lenses for future sessions. 

It's always great when you get a senior who is excited about getting her pictures done - the photos always come out better when you have a great attitude! Mikayla brought along various outfits and her mother even brought along sunflowers as a prop! I mean - they came prepared. As in, "brought-along-a-sheet-for-her-to-change-clothes-behind-in-the-middle-of-the-gardens" prepared. They were the complete package: model and stylist team. It was a great day, and I managed to snap some priceless candids. Check 'em out!