Believe it or not, I have known Angela since pre-Kindergarten. I think we were 6 years old when we met. Angela and I were close friends through our time at I.C. school in Marlborough, up until we went to different high schools. Even though we weren’t as close as we used to be, Angela and I kept up in that I photographed her senior photos when she was 18, and when the time came, she asked me to photograph her wedding! It is always a pleasure for me to photograph people I know personally, and it is always a good time.

The day began with the girls getting ready at Matt’s house, while the groomsmen met up at the venue. It was nice seeing everyone again and I felt right at home.

This part of the day is a good time to photograph the “crazy hair” - the hair-do before the hair-do - and also the details, like the invitations, flowers, and of course, the rings!

Angela’s dress is so pretty! Love the lace!

Angela’s dad helping her out of her sweet ride.

And with that, the ceremony was to begin.

The Medway Community Church has multiple levels to photograph from, making for some cool aerial-style photos.

And the kiss!

Right after the ceremony and some family photos at the church, we went to Wood Park in Hudson, where the leaves had just the right amount of fall color.

Wood Park has a great pedestrian bridge over the water, and is perfect for wedding portraits.

Both families are a goofy bunch, so there were many silly moments and laughs, and I have the pictures to prove it. Including the ones where Angela had a worm crawling on her feet under her dress.

After the last posed photos were done, it was time to party! The Hudson Elks have completely renovated the lodge, and it is a prime spot to host wedding receptions with plenty of space, seating and options.

Shoutout to the catering company who pitched in for this event: Chef Dujour of Westborough.

Congratulations Angela and Matt - and a lifetime of happiness to you both. I had a wonderful time photographing the two of you all day and I hope I captured the magic!