On October 13, my own cousin married the love of her life, Kyle. I’ve known Autumn my whole life. As we got older, we didn’t spend as much time together as we used to, but I still feel as though we’ve always been just as close. We really could have been sisters!

Over the last two years, I had the opportunity to get to know a new character in her life - her now husband, and witness firsthand the bond that they’ve formed and their love for one another. I was invited to be a bridesmaid for Autumn for her fall wedding, rather than the official photographer - a new role for me, but a welcomed one!

But, even so, I couldn’t help myself to capture some parts of the day. Below are some highlights!

The girls got ready at Vici Salon in the morning, just down the road from the venue.

The other girls took some photos with my camera too - my hair looked good for once!

The mother and grandmother of the groom also joined us.

I know how stressful it’s been planning this wedding for both Autumn and Kyle. Both families played a big part in making sure everything went perfectly.

Of special note are the beautiful and gorgeous decorations. My aunts Carol and Annette worked tirelessly on every detail - the lights, center pieces, dessert table, favors, invitations and of course - the arbor. Everything meshed and gave the whole day that ‘autumn’ flair.

An ‘unplugged’ wedding at The Red Barn at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.

‘B’ as in ‘Bacon,’ or as in, “Everything’s better with bacon.” Now Autumn will get to hear that one for the rest of her life, too!

Love this photo of Autumn under the arbor with her dress and veil trailing behind.

Kyle made this sign himself, and I recognize it from the engagement photos we took!

The barn hall was glowing. The efforts did not go unnoticed.

The other redhead - my younger cousin Julia. Love the hairstyle and high neck dress!

I’ve always been jealous of Autumn’s pearly white smile. She was all smiles today :)

A family portrait: Kyle and Autumn Bacon, and her parents, Annette and Jimmy Evers.

Detail shots have always been my favorite to take. This veil was worn by Autumn’s mother when she was married to her husband.

And, Autumn being a goofball, wanted to take some silly and creative photos after all the serious ones were done. I’ll be trying this again at my other weddings!

The dip! You’d never have known it rained the entire morning, but it cleared out just in time and the sky opened up for a pretty sunset and evening. All in all, their wedding was perfect in so many ways.

Congratulations to both Autumn and Kyle, and their families, and well wishes for a lifetime to come. <3