In September, Kris Simard and I led our first tour together right here on Cape Cod! This was experiment of sorts, and we’re glad to say it was a big success. We hosted a group of 6 photographers and guided everyone on an itinerary both Kris and I worked on to explore the lower and outer cape.

Our first day was spent getting settled in and visiting some local seals, and everyone’s favorite- Rock Harbor at sunset. The clam trees are still in the water this time of year. This beach looks great no matter the tide. We were blessed with a calm evening. We got up for sunrise on both days despite the weather. I get lots of complaints before sunrise shoots, but everyone is always so glad we woke up early and come away with some of the best shots of the trip. The shot above is the result of determination.

We also visited on of my favorite oceanside beaches: Nauset. This is my favorite place to experiment with filters, wave motion and blur. This was my favorite shot from that day.

The most unique feature of this tour was that we were able to drive oversand via Jeep to Race Point Lighthouse. Race Point is only accessed via 4x4 or a very long hike through sand. We “took the easy route” this time, but what an experience it is! We even had the special experience of touring the inside of the lighthouse, and climbed up into the lantern room for some of the best 360 views of Cape Cod you can get.

We’ll be hosting another, different Cape tour in May!