This Spring we got to revisit The Azores Islands! This tour I think is our most laid-back - being on islands and all. The islands themselves are fairly small, so we get to explore nearly everything! We love this tour because it is a bit unique in the sense you get that rainforest-tropical look in your photography, and visiting in Spring even more-so with the flowers in bloom!

We visited two islands on this trip: Sao Miguel and Terceira. Sao Miguel is the largest of the islands and is most well-known for these huge craters that have filled with gorgeous blue water. If the sun is shining - the lakes are too! This one is my favorite, located in Sete Cidades.

One sight that was new for us was the coastline on the northwestern part of the island. Because the Azores are volcanic, you will find Basalt rocks everywhere. They make for really moody photos at dusk!

Nature is here is everywhere. This waterfall is just perfect in its setting in the rock. You can literally park your car and see this view without any hiking.

And of course - the viewpoint over this one crater is probably the most famous one. It’s a little steep to get to, but you are rewarded with an incredible view - especially at sunset!

We will likely try to run this tour again in 2024 - we hope to have you join us !!