In May, Paul and I took a weekday trip to the Catskill Mountains of New York to scout and to photograph the waterfalls.

Kaaterskill Falls

Our first stop was Kaaterskill Falls, which we were hoping to photograph from behind the falls. It turns out, you can only visit that perspective in the late summer, when the water isn’t flowing so much from all of the spring rain. Despite that fact, and despite the rain, we made the best of the foggy atmosphere! We love how the fog makes things look mysterious.

© Paul Nguyen

In the morning, we made ourselves a hot breakfast and Paul snapped this picture of the sun poking through the trees over these strewn-about row boats.

We then made a stop at Tompkins Falls, a waterfall that you can see from the road. Another cool stop was Saugerties Lighthouse on the bank of the Hudson River.

© Paul Nguyen

© Paul Nguyen

World's Largest Kaliedoscope

After some driving around, we went to go see the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope! That’s right, it’s right here in the Catskills of New York - who knew? The kaleidoscope is 56 feet tall and is housed in a grain silo. For a few bucks, you can treat yourself to a psychedelic show of shapes and colors.

Mahayana Buddhist Temple

Another gem was the Mahayana Buddhist temple, which we only learned about through a web search. We love finding brand new things when we’re scouting. The place was enormous - it’s the largest of its kind in the Northeast.

On our way home, we stopped at a Western Massachusetts favorite: Bash Bish Falls. This time, we made sure we had our drone with us, and made some cool videos flying toward the falls.

We do scouts like this one a few times per year to help us with our photo tour planning. Who knows, maybe we’ll launch a tour to the Catskills?