To Yellowstone

After many trials and tribulations, we finally led a photo tour to Yellowstone & Grand Teton. We had been wanting to run this trip for years, and 2019 is when it all came into fruition. I had been to Yellowstone on a family trip many years ago, and Paul backpacked the Tetons, and we both scouted locations together in 2018 in the hopes of leading a tour here. We experienced a lot of ups and downs this year in our business, and to be able to get this trip going despite it all, was a triumph.

With a full crew, we had a blast! (We cap our tours at 5 people maximum).

We revisited all of our favorite locations and saw a lot of wildlife. Here are some photos we made on the trip:

Endless colors & compositions

One of our favorite locations is Mammoth Hot Springs because you can make all kinds of great, abstract compositions. Add in the blue hour for something really special! We loved trying out abstract photography and even black & white.

Some of our students getting acquainted with nature.

BlueHour in the Mountains

This picture is just great. What a perfect ad for BlueHour & The Parks system!

The Moulton Barn

One of the favorite destinations on this trip was Mormon Row in Grand Teton. We came back here a couple of times to get just the right conditions. © Paul Nguyen


Something new for us is that we visited the Grizzly Bear & Wolf Discovery Center across from our hotel. This nonprofit rehabilitates animals that couldn’t survive on their own in the wild. It’s a great way to see the famed Gray Wolves or Grizzlies, since you have a very slim chance of seeing them in the parks.

On every tour, we do a sunrise shoot at least once. As much as we like sleep, no one complains after an amazing sunrise shot, which were treated to on our last day in the Tetons.

We hope to see you on a tour with us soon!